Travel to Dar Es Salaam For Its Cultural and Historical Attractions!

This beautiful piece of land is a major hub in Tanzania. It is a diverse city and its diversity is visible in its different parts as there are busy central streets that run pass the colorful Kariakoo Market and clock tower, and very quiet areas with tree-lined boulevards to the north. With a vast and turbulent history, Dar es Salaam offers a multitude of historical and cultural attractions for holidaymakers and other travelers to enjoy while visiting Dar es Salaam. Your flights to Dar es Salaam will take you to the cultural and educational center of the country. The most famous educational center in Tanzania is the University of Dar es Salaam. In addition to this Dar es Salaam have some other cultural and historical attractions.

National Museum Dar es Salaam: The Tanzania National Museum houses archaeological finds. The most important of these archaeological finding here for which most of the visitors reserve flights to Dar es Salaam from UK and other places the cast of a 3.6 million year-old hominid footprint. To view this museum they reserve their cheap flights with flights to Dar es Salaam This museum is housed in the former King George V Memorial Museum building. The fossil discoveries from Olduvai George are impressively displayed at museum. The second most important thing at museum for the visitors taking Dar es Salaam flights is the poignant sculpture which is tribute to the twelve Tanzanians who died on the attack to the US Embassy in the garden. The other exhibits at museum are covering the fields of Archaeology, Biology, Ethnography, History and Arts.

The MakumbushoVillage Museum: A visit to the Village museum gives an insight to the life and lifestyle of the tribes in Dar es Salaam. It is a unique museum of its kind where one taking cheap flights to Dar es Salaam will get to witness traditional homes of 18 different tribes presenting 18 different tribes from the various parts of Tanzania. In the surroundings of Village museum gardens have been planted with indigenous plants. If you take cheap flights to Dar es salaam Tanzania to spend weekend there you will be able to watch tribal dancing take place at Village Museum. To get more fun and knowledge you need to reserve flights to Dar es Salaam Tanzania from UK or any other destination you want to fly from by reserving your flights with some reliable travel company like