Discover Technical Writing – Definition of Letter and Memo

It has arrive to our consideration that some folks imagine of a memo as just a quick letter. Not so! Particulars to comply with.

Which is a memo. Possibly shorter than most, but it is a memo and not a letter.

Letters and memos (or, memorandums) are equivalent in lots of ways, but they provide two various uses. It is really significant to know the distinctions in buy to make the style of doc you happen to be asked to create.

To start with we will search at some shared characteristics. The two letters and memos:

– use equivalent format variations
– are despatched as hardcopy by either an external or internal supply process
– can be typed or printed from a laptop or computer file
– address a single distinct topic
– give info to or check out to convey about a preferred response from the recipients

There are two extremely significant properties that distinguish a memo from a letter. The very first is that letters are unique and memos are standard. That signifies that letters generally go to specific recipients. They are written mano e mano. Memos are not ordinarily deemed to be personal communication. They’re usually tackled to numerous recipients. There may be dozens, hundreds, or hundreds of folks who get the same memo. That suggests that the odds are much greater that a memo will be go through by anyone it isn’t dealt with to than for a letter. Memos get put up on bulletin boards and left on tables. There is practically nothing non-public about a memo.

The 2nd is that letters can be as long as the author wishes them to be when memos are penned in a very condensed way with a lot of facts in very very little house. Very little unnecessary is integrated. You will find no Dear Sir orYours actually in a memo. Just the information.

A memo can have a number of reasons. It can:

– distribute information and facts to many recipients
– express feelings or views for rapid response
– simply call people to motion or to a meeting

The single, most important distinction amongst a letter and a memo is that a memo is shorter and to the place.

Notice: Technically, the plural of memorandum is memoranda, but you almost certainly shouldn’t use it except if you’re producing in a quite significant-amount, educational predicament.