The “thrill of the hunt”

Very last week in the Collage Artwork Collective, I questioned this issue: What is it about collage that conjures up you? Of the lots of responses I received, several described their really like of the &#8220thrill of the hunt”, seeking to add fascinating papers to their selection, and then employing those papers to make a unique and exceptional collage.

Are you 1 of people individuals who really like the thrill of the hunt?

Do you consistently have your eye open up to obtaining appealing papers? Where do you glance? Is it fairly quick to appear throughout papers or is it complicated?

I have tiny box lids of remnants, which I normally seem through for components.

What do you generally do with your papers? Do you retailer them absent and approach not to use them, or do you maintain them close by to use in a collage? I unquestionably am hoping that you maintain your papers useful so that you have them accessible for producing!

Employing your papers

If you aren’t guaranteed about what kind of collage to make with your specific papers, there are a few of issues you can do.

Just one idea is to make a lesser gluebook, for case in point the sizing of a passport or a minimal larger, and use only two or three paper parts in your collages. You can use rubber stamping as your qualifications or use a piece of pattern paper for your background. You can pick out a topic for your gluebook this sort of as florals, penmanship/handwriting, or an period these as the 1940s and 50s.

If you will need some examples of how to make 3-piece collages function, see this video clip I designed on this topic.

A next plan is to use collage art assignments. If you are not certain about what papers to opt for, or you really do not have a lot of time to devote to paper selections, an assignment can assistance since it can take a whole lot of the guess perform out for you.

  • Something pointy? Hmmm. I have an illustration of an owl, which has a pointy beak.
  • Quantities? I have got a website page from an old calculus e-book
  • Text in a international alphabet? I’ve bought a bit of Chinese text
  • Handwriting? I have got a piece of remaining-around postcard
  • A plant or botanical? A sticker from a flower sticker pack
A collage a 7 days usually means you&#8217ll have a very thick journal (or two) at the finish of a 12 months.

See how that arrived jointly on the left page? A bonus prompt is involved in just about every assignment, just in scenario you do not have one particular of the 5 and want to exchange it out. You could even increase in the reward prompts, if you’d like.

Occasionally a collage does not appear together swiftly, and which is alright way too. What if you do not have textual content in a foreign alphabet, for case in point? You may have that in the again of your head for a few of times and are quietly on the lookout for some thing. Afterwards, you’re clearing off your counter of voting products and see directions written in Korean for casting a ballot. Rating! It could take place, correct? 😉

There’s the facet of “the thrill of the hunt” in searching for collage prompt papers, way too. If you really don’t have a whole lot of time to collage but continue to want to actively interact your inventive abilities, functioning on an assignment more than the training course of a week can be just the point to enable you access that aim.

If you full your weekly obstacle speedily, you could do a next a single on an index card or Rolodex card.

Quantity 3 of the Collage Weekly Planner will come out in December (I’m just about to send out the documents to the printer), with 52 new assignments. If you’ve been wondering about acquiring volume 1 or quantity 2, the two books are on sale now by way of the stop of the 7 days. The digital variations are also available if you would somewhat just use the assignments in your possess gluebook.

Almost everything else in the store is on sale through November 27th. No coupon codes are required. You&#8217ll see the markdown in the cart before payment.

Wherever you obtain your inspiration, I hope you maintain searching for papers and use them in collage!

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