Why You Need to Use Benjamin Moore’s Aura Paint Rather of Their Natura Paint

As considerably again as I can don’t forget I have used Benjamin Moore hues for myself and my client’s projects. They have a outstanding item variety at a excellent price place.! Up till a number of several years in the past, I wasn’t as well acquainted with their new line of eco-friendly, lower voc paints (voc stands for unstable organic and natural compounds), so you could picture my hesitation in working with these green merchandise.

My initially thought was “Oh no, my consumers are going to ask me to use this paint because they observed it advertised as reduced or no voc that contains paints, and remaining the terrific designer that I am, I was heading to have to oblige (or have a definitely very good explanation not to use them)”. So, I went out and bought a can of every, to test them out, as I was doing the job on a kitchen area at the time that was in desperate need of new paint colors.

Initial of all, the price of the new eco-friendly line of paints were being marginally larger than Benjamin Moore’s “standard” foundation paint, so I was happy that they had been offering a green solution that did not crack the financial institution like some other eco-friendly products! There are 3 of them: Aura, Natura, and Eco Spec…I used each to the partitions of the kitchen area I was renovating, and this is what I uncovered…

  • Aura: The Aura paint has minimal voc’s, low odor, and is mildew resistant. The best issue I like about utilizing Aura paint is that the paint is made up of the primer in it, so there is no need to have to primary the partitions very first. That will save time and revenue, and quite significantly offsets the greater cost of the Aura paint because you would have to purchase primer with their conventional line base paints.The Aura paint protected the best! The colour failed to saturate and it dried really quick. If I had essential to insert a different coat, I probably could have performed so just two hours immediately after the initially software!
  • Natura: If you’re truly a stickler about voc’s, Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint consists of NO voc’s, as opposed to Aura’s Minimal voc articles. It also was nearly odorless, and dried extremely swiftly, just like the Aura paint. The Natura paint, when I utilized it, did not go over very well. It was like I was portray with watercolors! (Well, not that negative!) In Natura’s defense nevertheless, I applied a second and third coat, all in the span of about four several hours, and was last but not least equipped to reach my ideal consequence. Recall though, Natura does NOT incorporate primer, for that reason I experienced to primary the partitions to start with. If you might be portray a lot of partitions or ceilings, you are likely to have to acquire a lot of the Natura paint!
  • Eco Spec: Eco Spec, being a commercial grade paint, was wonderful. Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec line of paints contains NO voc’s, is odorless, and is mildew resistant. The is the paint of choice for most business interior work. Even however I experienced to prime the wall 1st, the Eco Spec covered pretty effectively, and was about $10 more affordable than Natura.

So, there you have it! In a nutshell, Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint was the finest cover and the very least time consuming, due to the fact the primer is by now in the paint. If you individually sense, or the position your performing on involves the paint you use to be entirely voc free, then Eco Spec is your best selection!