i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email photography@i-d.co

Once again, this month, we received thousands of submissions, making the process of editing this story even harder. For anyone whose images did not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible.

a young girl and her mum sit and look out the window. She wear a tie-dye top and her mum wears a black patterned blouse.

Sera Oh, 30, Samcheok, South Korea

“I went to the sea with my mom and my younger sister. It was still a bit awkward to be somewhere far from home even with our masks. But we were in the sea again, we were on a trip again and, for the first time this year, we watched the sunrise from the sea together.” @whatseatingsera

A close up of the top of a man's back with a pearl necklace around his neck and a crucifix chain dangling down his back. In the background is a grassy outdoor sunrise.

Wenzile Harley Dube, 22, Botswana

“This is an image I took with my friends Abia and Keletso. I wanted the image to capture both of them being fully absorbed by the stillness of the location we shot at.” @wenz_hd

Two boys with cans of drinks dance around on a rooftop against the city skyline at sunset.

Tran Hai Son, 19, Hanoi, Vietnam

“After we watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, we came up with this idea for a summer party.” @haisonnnnn___08

An individual in a white sleeved gown against the setting sky with neon metallic pink and purple inflatables behind them and resting on their head.

Ismail Zaidy, 24, Marrakech, Morocco

“This picture tries to catch the hope that lies in dreams, in the imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” @l4artiste

A crowd filming two people doing handstands and dancing on the pavement.

Luke Karjalainen, 19, Hamburg, Germany

“The photo, shot on 35mm film, captures a pop-up old school hip-hop DJ set guided by live drums and bongos before a fallout with the police. Even though many rules have been lifted, the cat and mouse game between the police and people wanting to party continues. Fair match.” @luke.karjalainen

Palm trees under a red sun in a cloudy sky.

Marie, 19, Antalya, Turkey

“This photo was taken at 11am in Antalya. Since yesterday, the fires have out broken in Antalya’s forests.” @marieht

a topless man sits on a bed with a woman behind him wrapping her arms around him

Oji Haynes, 22, New York, USA

“This image is of my sister and brother-in-law in their bedroom. I wanted to capture the intimacy as well as the strength between the two of them.” @ojihaynes

A shark swimming past an aquarium window. The silhouettes of people can be seen in front of it.

Joseph Avila Martinez, 18, Georgia, USA

“Atlanta is the city I was born in and I always loved going to the aquarium since I was a kid. Going there again was an amazing feeling.” @0sjose

A hand on a patterned sheet with half painted nails and a large pink stone ring.

Peter John Chukwu, 25, Nsukka, Nigeria

“Here is a photo of Ada’s hand that I took during a picnic with friends earlier in July. This reminds me of how important it is to escape from school work for a bit and have fun with people who matter most to me.” @jurneepeterchukwu

A woman takes a photo of herself in front of a crowd with their arms raised as they look at a stage and strobe lights go over them.

Aubrey Denis, 26, Tennessee, USA

“This was the first GA show I’d been to since March of 2020. It was the 3rd of July but felt like New Years Eve, like a fit of redemption. My friend Mollie and I dove into the thick of the crowd. Close and carefree for the first time in 17 months.” @aubreydenis

A couple make out in a pool. One sits on the others lap.

Joan Michel, 29, New Jersey, USA

“Summer has been memorable, living life again and feeling free.” @joamichel

Close up of someone biting into a corn on the cob.

Anna, 21, Saint Petersburg, Russia

“This photo was taken while my friend was eating her first boiled corn this year. It was the last day before our vacation, so we all felt exhausted and happy waiting for our real summer to start.” @oyaktoeto

Pinks, Green and Blue colours all blending into each other.

Jackie Mak, 25, New York, USA

“This photograph doesn’t have any meaning but at the same time could mean anything. Maybe it’s a depiction of my emotions this month.” @Jckiemak

Large protest banner stretched across a road and lit under red flares.

Agnuush, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

“On 1 July, Gen Z went out to protest against the celebration of national holiday Naadam amidst the pandemic. The protest all started from an 18-year-old boy, named Urnukh Ireedui. After this event, the government postponen the Naadam national holiday.” 

Three divers sitting on the rocks on the coast with nets around them.
Diver's legs sticking out of the ocean as they go in. Faintly in the background you can see the mountains.

Faith Kim, 24, Jeju Island, South Korea

“Haenyeos are grammy free divers based in Jeju Island. After months of getting to know the neighborhood grammies they let me join them on their last dive of this year’s sea urchin season.” @fk.88888

Skateboarders sitting on their boards and smoking outside a graffiti covered wall.

Michelle, 18, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

“I think this is definitely the best photo that I took in July with my favourite cheap point and shoot camera. I got it for around $25. Anyway, here’s what skateboarding culture in Yogyakarta, Indonesia looks like.” @m.mmm1mi

Figures dancing in a club under red and white strobe lights.

Zara Truman, 19, Kent, UK

“This photo was taken at 4am on Freedom Day, my friends and I waited 16 months for that exact moment. It was pure euphoria.” @zaratruman

People under water taking a selfie in a pool.

Troy Fabroa, 20, Philippines

“It was our first time spending a whole day in the pool. Our summer plans didn’t come to be as we expected, but we still made most of our remaining days.” @troyfabroa

A girl sitting on a bench wearing a white corset top, blue jeans, gold watch and earrings and tiger print cowboy hat. her head rests in her hand while behind her is a corner shop and cars.

Makayabundo, 24, Wuppertal, Germany

“A photo of German-Congolese model Whitney Kiala chilling outside of a corner store in Berlin-Kreuzberg.” @makayabundo

Two people take a photo in the reflection of a TV in an old small TV shop.

Sarah, 19, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“This was taken the day before our country went back into a full lockdown after a spike in cases. My partner and I went to our new favourite ice cream place. I miss being able to travel freely and discover new places.” @ithinkimsarah 


A man in a Chanel mask cooking in a kitchen. A wok has massive flames coming off it.

Nicholas Gambill, 20, Vermont, USA

“The restaurant I worked at never shutdown throughout the pandemic, but everyday is a struggle to try and reopen to full capacity. I stay focused on the food, leaving the distractions of my greater life outside of the kitchen.” @nicholas__gambill

Party goers at a concert fist pumping and screaming.

Will Pippin, 21, New York, USA

“July was my first time back at a concert since the pandemic started.” @will_pippin

A bungalow with the lights on in the windows during a cloudy night. A white fence sits in front and a large tree is on the right.

Goretti Castellanos, 22, Guadalajara, México

“Nostalgic moment after reuniting with my cousins in their neighborhood.” @goretticaci

A woman lifts a top over her head as she stands in a living room by the stares. A sun and cat paintings are on the wall and the sofas have clothes and cushions on them.

Daniel Garcia, 22, California, USA

“Shot this photo of my friend mid outfit change, in her home. Drove out 2 hours to go and see her after quarantine finally ended.” @fuxk.daniel 

A black and white photo of a boy sitting in a tree in front of tall grass and a bungalow house.

Delali Cofie, 22, Atebubu, Ghana

“In the town of Atebubu in the centre of rural Ghana, a young boy sits in a tree in his yard during a family meeting.” @delali.cofie

A girl lights a cigarette calmly as she sits alone on a rollercoaster car and looks directly into the camera. Behind her is three girls screaming and laughing.

Em Higgins, 19, New York, USA

“A still from the day I shot my friends running around a carnival, wreaking teenage havoc.” @yobabyem

A blurred photo of a blonde girl putting on a makeup. In the background is club posters and string lights.

Kristina Rypakova, 25, Bratislava

“This is a photo of my friend refreshing her makeup in a lift. Shot with Canon Prima Zoom 76.” @kr.ryp

The beach during the night with the silhouette of a man on it.

Santana Grant, 20, Georgia, USA

“I took this self portrait when I walked around Daytona Beach with nobody around. There’s always something peaceful just hearing the waves crashing and seagulls chirping around. This photo reminds me it’s okay to give yourself some time from the world.” @santagclaus

A woman in a green stripe shirt has her hair brushed with a comb.

Shady François, 26, Florida, USA

“In July I spent a week reconnecting with family in Long Island, and captured this heartwarming photo of my grandma as we adorned her on her 86th birthday.” @byshadyfrancois

The shadow of a woman against on outdoor wall with a hose tap and window.

Ang Xia Yi, 25, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I have been able to observe the life that has taken place in this old, residential community that I lived in since I was a little girl. It took a pandemic for me to slow down.” @_xiayi

A boy in an apron sitting on a chair in front of a half painted wall.

Jumaima Ode, 23, Kyiv, Ukraine

“I saw this guy sitting at the back door of a restaurant during his work break, among all this mess he looked kind of tired and was smoking a cigarette. I thought about how similar I felt.” @jumaima_ode

A woman lays back in a glimmering pool. On the side is grass and a child laying on an inflatable.

Julie Benatar, 18, New York, USA

“Letting go of everything. Letting life flow through you.” @Juliebbenatar

black and white photo of a boy in shorts in mid-air after jumping off a cliff.

Anton Orehov, 20, Odessa, Ukraine

“This shot was taken during my trip to Odessa on BW film. A friend of mine introduced me to the guy in the pic and we immediately made a connection and became friends. This is him jumping from a cliff into the Black Sea.” @oorehov

A little boy in jeans and a hoodie standing in the entrance of a bus looking out the door windows. The driver stares at him.

Florence Sullivan, 20, New York, USA

“This photo was taken accidentally but ended up having far more meaning than any photos I’ve taken before.” @florencolive

A thin tree has photos hung from it.

Dhan Illiani Yusof, 24, Malaysia

“The only creative photographic work outdoors I was able to do during this time was with the help of a neighbour. It’s a literal ‘family tree’ portrait to encapsulate the amount of time and bonding I’ve spent indoors with my family.” @dhanilliani

A man in gold chaps and a cowboy hat struts as money is thrown at him.

Wang Tsz Ling, 25, Hong Kong 

“COVID can’t fight the pride. Because there are millions waiting for me to ride.” @tlris

a man canonballing off a jetty at sunset

Josh Soskin, Florida, USA

“Took this of my best friend as the sun went down in Miami. Felt like an instant memory as it was happening.” @joshsoskin


All images courtesy of the artist

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