The Ultimate Geek Bucket List: 50 Things to Do Before You Die

Section to-do checklist, part flight of fancy, but 100% geek-accepted, right here are 50 factors any real geek really should do, see, or knowledge in their life span.

Okay, so you are a self-proclaimed geek and want to make the most of your daily life before you shuffle off this mortal coil and on to the up coming (Valhalla, anyone?). Or possibly you want to have some fun and do some thing truly memorable that will dwell on in the annals of geekdom without end. Whichever it is, we’ve compiled a record of 50 magnificent matters to tick off though you are nonetheless around. From viewing science-fiction conventions and making robots to owning Stay GEEK tattooed on your knuckles — these are 50 must-do items for geeks of all stripes and fandoms. PS sense totally free to toss your suggestions in the comments—we could just add them for posterity!

1. Become an professional in something random, like taxidermy or Slavic languages.

2. Change a non-geek to your fandom of alternative.

3. Complete coding that one undertaking you’ve been functioning on for years and preserve forgetting about.

4. Browse all the sci-fi classics.

5. Build a podcast/Youtube channel/site about your geeky obsessions and convert it into a productive company.

6. Costume up as your favored character and go to a con. Although there, only converse in character quotes.

7. Arrange a large-tech scavenger hunt with buddies.

8. Memorize the initially 1,000 digits of pi and recite them at your area Pi Working day celebration (March 14, you are very welcome).

9. Have your blood analyzed for midi-chlorians, and refuse to think the benefits.

10. Turn into a speedcuber.

11. Stage to max in Darkish Souls. Subsequently, explain to some others to git gud or die hoping.

12. Go to the Massive Hadron Collider.

13. Produce your very own board sport.

14. Be part of your regional chapter of the 501st Legion.

15. Go on a LARPing adventure in the woods.

16. Look at a meteor shower. If kryptonite is included, operate.

17. Appear as an extra in your beloved geeky Tv present.

18. Sneak into Space 51 and are living to inform the tale.

19. Establish your very own robotic. Then enter it into BattleBots, and watch it get started a robotic rebellion.

20. Get a geeky tattoo, genuine or fake.

21. Costume as your most loved anime character and attend a cosplay rave.

22. Get started a Displate selection.

23. Go to an MLG Event.

24. Figure out what Shed was truly about. Twin Peaks, far too, while you are at it.

25. Generate your own D&D marketing campaign. Make it so great it will make Significant Part search like child’s play.

26. Duel someone with lightsabers (if you run out of kyber crystal, just strike each individual other with pool noodles).

27. Begin a petition to add an emoji of your favorite comic book character.

28. Participate in through all the facet quests in your favorite open-world adventure video game. 

29. Witness a rocket taking off. Reward points if you are flying it. 

30. Master to speak Klingon.

31. Or Vulcan. Whichever will get you additional in lifetime.

32. Compete in a cosplay contest.

33. Have a movie marathon of all the movies in your favourite franchise. Consequently, accomplish outstanding bliss and/or exhaustion.

34. Verify off all the Smithsonians.

35. Make your individual individual geek cave.

36. Choose a excursion to the Wizarding Globe of Harry Potter and fake you are a wizard for a working day.

37. Create a novel and release it on line.

38. Crochet a dragon egg (or a clutch if you’re emotion bold).

39. Attend a midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Image Exhibit (in costume, of system!).

40. Study how to draw your beloved manga character.

41. Earn an argument with a significant other working with only Star Wars prices.

42. Defeat all the Cuphead bosses on tough method.

43. Make a pilgrimage to Bletchley Park.

44. Start out a e book club for your preferred sci-fi/fantasy collection.

45. Structure and 3D print your possess motion determine.

46. Get at minimum 1 cyberware implant.

47. Go on the LOTR Hobbiton tour in New Zealand.

48. Brew your personal butterbeer.

49. Get re-tweeted by your favorite geek superstar.

50. Acquire a tour of NASA.

About to You!

What are you passionate about? Whether it’s superheroes, tech gizmos, robotics, or anything at all else in the realm of geekdom, it’s worthy of having a bucket checklist of ordeals and achievements to strive for. We hope you have enjoyable ticking yours off. And if possessing a Displate or two (who are we kidding, Displates are collectible!) aids you get there, make certain to verify out our ever-increasing catalog of geeky wall art to hold in your property. Satisfied bucket-listing!