The Secret Number of Sergeant Pepper

One time when we had not very much to do, and we were feeling very bored, and we REALLY wanted to know just what the answer to it all was, all of a sudden someone turned the album cover of the Sergeant Pepper album upside down.

With the cover in that position, it was easy to see that the word BEATLES when viewed upside down, made a seven digit number. The number was 5371038.

A couple of the digits had to be fudged a little bit to make them be numbers but don’t forget that at the time we were quite used to the idea of trying to interpret strange shapes and colours and configurations of patterns which might or might not contain some cosmic message relayed from another dimension. It just went with the territory. And also, as you can see from the picture of the album cover, the word is constructed in a flower bed so the letters are not too rigid.

The next logical thought was that it might be a secret telephone number which you could call and get the lowdown on all the Beatles mysteries, such as, was Paul really dead, who was the walrus, does Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds really stand for LSD, what is the meaning of number 9, and a host of others.

But not only those mysteries. What if the secret number was channelled in some way, perhaps from a neighbouring galaxy, or from a non-physical dimension of the space-time continuum. In such a case, the Beatles and their album art designers might be unaware that they were being used as a medium. What if you could phone up and get the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything?

Naturally we tried London first, since the flower bed looks like it might have 01 next to it, which at that time was the London area code. No luck. Then we tried Liverpool, of course. Then New York (the Big Apple) and then Los Angeles that centre of fantasy. All drew a blank.

Which was a pity, because it had seemed such a great idea, and it might have been cool to know every secret there was to be known! Incidentally, numerologists may like to know that when you total the digits, you get 27, and when you total those digits in turn, you get the number 9. How amazing is that?

We couldn’t help feeling that there might still be an area code out there, and that it might still be available to reveal its secrets to those who find it.