Movement. Motion. House.

Amy O. Woodbury was the moment a contemporary dancer and choreographer where her milieu was movement, motion and house. When in the studio inventing movement, she would sometimes imagine illustrations or photos and concepts that she believed would be improved expressed as a piece of visible art fairly than a dance. These days, as a two-dimensional visible artist, she is tapping into her choreography practical experience as a way to create movement, motion, and room on canvas.

Interlopers (Submitted photo)

Woodbury settles in day-to-day in her spatially challenged studio, previously a screened-in porch, purposely minimizing distractions of audio and sight. Her prompts and inspirations occur from her character walks in close proximity to Lake Michigan right here in Evanston, and the styles, styles, and contours of the crimson rocks in Southern Utah the place she visits consistently. Also, from her eager observation of other artwork. And when there is no particular inspiration, she finds that if she begins creating motion on the canvas, “moving off the spot” as she places it, these preliminary marks will evolve into a enjoyable completed piece of art. Some parts are finished in a one movement, whilst many others may well proceed to be improved for months or even months. In each situation, movement have to be existing in the art to be total.

Demolition (Submitted image)

Presently Woodbury has two smaller fantasy themed canvases in progress. Usually her works could be in stark contrast with a single yet another: one particular will be comprised of a lot of, tiny brush strokes and depth function followed by one that makes it possible for for larger, extra expansive moves and marks of the brush. This stability of motion and scale functions like a “palette cleanser.” And building extra than a person detail keeps issues participating and stimulating.

Woodbury is not constrained to one distinct medium and results in with acrylic, oil pastels, chalk, watercolor pencils and collage. When an strategy “…comes to me” she “…can’t wait” to move to her studio and work it out.

Drop competition (Submitted image)
Artist Amy O. Woodbury (Picture by Joerg Metzner)

“I’m jazzed by the burgeoning artwork scene in Evanston, the assistance and encouragement I want to be a section of it. And I have been privileged in that I have designed a healthful shopper foundation here in city I am equipped to sell my work.”

Her long term course in art will include an assortment of canvases and alternate surfaces. Motivated by the majestic vista of Lake Michigan to the east, she would also like to get back to tackling large-scale performs, which would permit her to more explore individuals factors of choreography: the human figure, motion and place.

To see Woodbury’s get the job done, visit her web-site. And fairly uniquely, she hosts a extremely community-oriented event: Amy O. Woodbury’s Once-a-year Entrance Yard Art Sale. Pay a visit to her present and sale Labor Working day weekend at 1931 Colfax Avenue in north central Evanston. You will discover an array of galleries of her canvases, drawings and notecards. This 20-yr as well as tradition is just one way Woodbury shares her art, helping to create a neighborhood of very good will and art appreciation in our great city of Evanston.

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