The 4 Dimensions Of A Three Dimensional House-Time-Fact

By definition Place-Time-Fact has 3 proportions, each and every of which has its own 4 proportions:

The Dimension of Reality:

Reality is a dimension of area-time-actuality.

The truth of a house-time-truth is determined by the dimension of the viewpoint of a specific time & area.

It is determined by an individual’s particular standpoint of right here & now.

Every reality has 4 proportions that let a unique physical standpoint.

Dimension a single is: Linear

This is calculated in Duration in a direction that is ahead/backward, north/south, or longitudinal.

Dimension two is: Lateral

This is measured as Width or Breadth in a way that is right/left, east/west or latitudinal.

Dimension three is: Vertical

This is measured as Height or Depth in a course that is up/down, as a peak/trough or as a zenith or nadir.

Dimension four is: Holonic

This is calculated in a hierarchy of holons or a holarchy.

The direction of a holarchy is in/out, interior/exterior or micro/macro.

Even nevertheless my aim is directed one particular dimensionally, the dimension/path of my viewpoint, my notion is usually four dimensional.

The Dimension of House:

House is a dimension of space-time-actuality.

From the viewpoint of space-time-reality, room has four proportions each individual of which is a holon.

Dimension one is Atomic:

The Atomic holon has a proton-neutron nucleus surrounded by electrons that let place among, which bring in other atomic holons to produce molecules that allow house between them.

Atoms have space on the within and space on the exterior.

Dimension two is Mobile:

The Cellular holon has a molecular nucleus surrounded by a mobile membrane with area concerning, and house among every single mobile inside an organism.

Cells have room on the inside of and house on the outside the house.

Dimension a few is Organic and natural:

Organic and natural organisms are mobile co-operatives.

They have a nucleus or coronary heart with room involving the heart and the overall body of the organism, and room among just about every organism.

The Animal Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, the Mineral Kingdom and Person are all organisms within the organic holon.

Dimension four is Cosmic:

The Cosmic holon has a sunshine at its nucleus surrounded by planets and moons with area in in between.

There are collections of stars with room in in between that co-operatively type galaxies with house in amongst.

Where ever we look we see area yet it is only noticeable in the holon previously mentioned that in which our consciousness resides.

The Dimension of Time:

Time is a dimension of room-time-actuality.

From the point of view of a 3 dimensional house-time-reality, time has 4 dimensions of reality in room:

Dimension one particular is Spin:

Spin is calculated in earth times.

It takes our world Earth just one working day to entire a person spin on its polar axis.

It takes 24 hrs from just one sun-increase until eventually the following apparent sunlight-increase.

Even so it is the spin of the earth relative to a stationary sun that will cause the sun to increase at the exact time each working day.

Dimension two is Orbit:

Orbit is measured in earth years.

It usually takes our world earth a person calendar year to complete a person orbit of our sunlight.

It is the tilt of the earth on its axis that lets the working experience of 4 various seasons during each and every orbit.

Dimension a few is Rotation:

Rotation is measured in celestial ages.

It usually takes the solar system 12 ages or 26,000 decades to total just one rotation on its solar axis.

The photo voltaic program is at present rotating out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius.

Dimension 4 is Revolution:

It usually takes our solar program million of earth a long time to entire 1 revolution of our Milky Way galaxy.

A journey so wide it can be measured in gentle years.

Each individual dimension of time is relative to its own dimension of place.

How Time & House relate to every other establishes our existing Actuality.