Technical Writing and XML – Why the Potential of Documentation Belongs to Prolonged Markup Language?

XML, that is, Extended Markup Language, is the upcoming of technical crafting and technological conversation.

There are TWO really crucial reasons why that is so.

Motive 1: XML is at the coronary heart of “one sourcing” motion. The complete concept is to compose a little something when and then “tag” it in these types of a way that it would be feasible to publish in lots of formats and on quite a few gizmos and platforms without having producing any further more changes to it. XML will make that attainable.

Just one bottleneck at this time of writing is this – it is even now very hard to format XML-tagged textual content in specifically the way you want it. XML is not a designer’s aspiration, by any means. However attaching a “type sheet” to an XML textual content and converting into a pleasurable and wanting nicely laid out document is a foreseeable future aspiration. But improved minds are operating on it working day and night time and I am positive sometime in the long run we are going to get in excess of this hump as very well.

Cause 2: XML is a manager’s aspiration because producing at the time and publishing numerous instances drops device creation charges greatly. Visualize selecting a staff to publish a magazine, a different to put up a website site, and nevertheless a 3rd crew to compile a assistance file by employing the Very same content material! Look at that to a single workforce that publishes the similar written content in a few independent techniques, all thanks to XML! The alternative is obvious.

The most straightforward way to make an XML doc is to use Adobe FrameMaker in its “structured” manner. You can find out how to do that inside of a moment and great it more than a issue of months. But which is the matter of nonetheless a further write-up…

May possibly you single-resource and export your pleasure and enthusiasm for lifetime to each platform that’s accessible to you!