Six Characteristics of a Movie-Crazy

I have a few friends who are movie-crazy, I mean, a film maniac. No doubt, movie is their breath. I enjoy observe this kind of creature’s behavior; how they are thinking, how they act. And since I am a movie-crazy too, I also observe myself.

What so interesting, there are behavior similarities among us. Let me reveal my secret note now. Yeah, although it is not so scientific and has a potential to make you smile, this note actually is not a humor. It is the result of my long observation (by hangout with and interviewed them).

First characteristic of a movie-crazy, there are always Home Video’s member cards in his/her wallet, sometimes with some bonus vouchers. A movie-crazy never satisfied by registered only in one video rental. Movies he/she has been hunting usually are something distinctive. Films which according to common taste are bizarre and do not quite rock, if he/she thinks yummy enough for his/her hungry soul, will be devoured in no time.

Second characteristic, still around his/her wallet, we will found pieces of cinema free pass. Or if not so, there is brochure or small note about schedule of movie screening tucked in. French films at French Cultural Centre, Japanese films at Japanese Consul, Germanic films at Goethe, and so on.

From his/her wallet, we move a bit to find third characteristic. Did you notice, a movie-crazy’s cellular phone is always full of Home Video telephone numbers, including DVD rentals where he/she did not register in yet. People like this usually do chummy with rental’s employees. Because sometimes he/she telephoned then stirred them up with many of film titles he/she was looking for, “Please check your catalog whether Sahara is available. Iranian films! None? Not here yet? Ok, how about a… very new thriller from Finland, I am not sure about the English title, but I bet you know it, it is happening. And Faust or Nosferatu, old stuffs from German expressionism, do you have the DVDs? Also, give me Tim Burton’s masterpieces, please.” Ah, poor employees.

Fourth characteristic, when looking something remarkable, he/she spontaneously thought to replay it. Or if he/she really missed an interesting part of it, he/she convinced his/her self, “No problem, I can watch it again when its DVD version has released.” Off course in seconds he/she came to realize that he/she just thought stupidly.

A movie-crazy has also his/her own way to calm his/her lover down, that is fifth characteristic. For example, when the girl/boy friend said, “It’s not funny anymore, honey! Blood is gushing profusely from your wound, how could you keep laughing?” he/she would respond, “Relax, this is merely a special effect.” Even if it was not special effect at all, it was real blood.

Sixth characteristic or the last one on my note, his/her dreams was completed by voice-over narration. When he/she saw Greatest Wall in the dream, a bass voice suddenly came up, “China again. Damn. It seems like I was a minutes ago in Korea….” Then his/her eye lens was panning slowly and a soundtrack was barely heard. Nobody pushed play button while he/she was sleeping, it is his/her subconscious that turned those voices on.”

Just like a crazy, isn’t he/she? Yeah, that is why I am using “movie-crazy” words, instead of “moviegoers”. But if you experience one, some, or all of the six symptoms above, do not bother to go to a psychiatrist. Just come and join with people whose same fate. Welcome to the club!