Sharjah United Arab Emirates

When many people think about the United Arab Emirates they seem to see endless desserts and camels plodding along the sands in their minds eye. There is however more to this country than the camels and the deserts. Of the various cities that you can visit while you are in the UAE, you may wish to see what the city of Sharjah has to offer you. As you explore this beautiful and modern city you will find that it is the third largest and the most populous city in the entire UAE.

The city which can be located along the southern coastlines of the Persian Gulf is an intriguing place for you to visit. As it is situated on the Arabian Peninsula you will find that Sharjah has access to a western and eastern coastline. The city itself has been divided into three enclaves which should help you to find your way around the city. These enclaves that you will find in Sharjah city are the Dibba Al Hisn, the Kalba and that of the Khor Fakkan.

You will find that Sharjah is a pleasant place to stay provided that you are not looking for bars or pubs as the entire Emirate of Sharjah – of which the city is a part of – is known as the dry emirate. This means that the sale or possession of alcohol is almost totally forbidden. Before you visit this country you may wish to find out if there are any exceptions to this rule and where these exceptions can be found. For those who prefer to see the sights mixed in with shopping and dining will find that Sharjah has plenty to offer them.

For those visitors who are culturally and historically inclined you will find the museum in Sharjah to be great places to lean more about the history of this city and the Emirate of Sharjah. Of these numerous museums in the city you may wish to visit the Sharjah Art Museum. You will be able to find this museum in the Art Area. In the Sharjah Art Museum you will have the chance of viewing international and regional works of art. Of special interest is that of the Oriental Collection.

Other museums that you will be able to look at will include the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Aviation, and other museum which cover like photography, marine life and maritime history. In the Islamic Museum you will find a number of artifacts which are of special importance to the Islamic faith. There will be letters from the Prophet Muhammad written to other leaders of that time period.

You can look at Qur’ans which have been hand written and preserved since the time of writing. Within this museum you will also be able to look at artifacts which have been removed for display purposes from Mecca itself. And finally you will be able to view a fabulous display of Arabic handicrafts.

There are numerous other places that you can visit when you come to see Sharjah. A fabulous array of activities like jet skiing, boat races, and boat tours around Sharjah are just some of the other ways that you can enjoy the pleasures of this amazing city. The next time you are in the United Arab Emirates do take the time to visit the city of Sharjah and be amazed.