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Angles issue in product pictures. They expose specifics, serving to purchasers make knowledgeable decisions. In addition, purchasers who can’t see the particulars of a product or service will not most likely obtain it.

This is the fourth publish in my sequence on assisting ecommerce merchants get improved product photos. “Part 1” resolved the value of backdrops. “Part 2” discussed tripods. “Part 3” examined the fundamentals of synthetic lights.

In this installment, I’ll overview the best angles for merchandise pictures and the viewpoints to pair them. Let’s start with the viewpoints — the place of the digital camera relative to a product.


There are three viewpoints: minimal, eye-stage, and significant.

  • Lower photographs are taken from a placement beneath the issue to set up its electrical power in the picture. Reduced pictures perform well with way of life and in-context pictures.
  • Eye-stage shots are taken straight-on to offer a view of a solution from the stage of a human eye. Most merchandise images is eye-amount.
  • Superior shots are taken from an elevated position searching down on the subject.


In addition to the 3 viewpoints, there are six ought to-have angles for product shots: entrance, profile, 45-diploma, back again, leading, and macro.

Front angle is the default graphic of most ecommerce photographs since it is the most effective for swiftly informing purchasers, displaying the principal attributes of a product. A front-angle shot really should be attractive while also offering more than enough detail for shoppers to comprehend the item.

Entrance angle is the default impression of most ecommerce photographs, this sort of as this example of an Xbox. Source:

A entrance-angle shot is ordinarily eye-degree versus a reliable white track record. Make confident the lights is evenly dispersed to protect against obvious shadows.

For a front-angle shot and all other people in this publish, I ordinarily use two off-camera lights with diffusers in a home exactly where I can handle the lights. Position a single mild 45-degrees guiding the product and the other in the opposite corner. Ensure both of those are elevated and dealing with downward to dissipate most of the light-weight and minimize the duration of shadows.

Profile angle is taken from the aspect of a product or service. Its usefulness relies upon on the item. For instance, a profile shot is not valuable for my paintings due to the fact no one needs to see the aspect of a canvas or frame. But for footwear, say, a profile shot may perhaps be essential.

Photo from of the side of sandal.

Profile angle is taken from the facet of a products. It is beneficial for sure things, these kinds of as this sandal from Adidas. Supply:

Get profile pictures at eye level making use of a top quality white background and a steady tripod, as with front angles.

Back again angle is a crucial supporting shot in solution photography. Customers are hardly ever contented by front angles and profiles alone. Back again pictures can reveal significant details.

Photo from of the back of an Xbox

Again angle is a essential supporting shot in item images, these types of as this instance of the back again of an Xbox. Resource:

For consistency, just take a back again angle shot from the very same locale as the entrance angle — just transform the product all over (not the digicam).

45-diploma angle refers to the posture of the digicam from the products. It’s also named the 3-quarter angle. A 45-diploma shot is most typically utilized for foodstuff images, but it is beneficial for lots of other items, way too.

A solitary 45-degree shot displays many sides of a merchandise whilst providing supplemental detail. Use a significant viewpoint and mark your camera’s position before taking pictures. Use a tripod to preserve it regular.

Profile shot from of a black sandal.

A one 45-degree shot reveals various sides of a solution, these as this Adidas sandal. Supply:

Top angle is usually referred to as the birds-eye-check out. It isn’t often required, but it does present a lot more context for shoppers dependent, yet again, on the item.

A leading-angle shot can be complicated to pull off — the digital camera is immediately higher than the products. Put your camera in an elevated C-stand, and then connect the digital camera to a computer system. A wonderful Matthews 40” C Stand from B&H Picture costs about $183. Effect, Kupo, and GVM also make high-quality C-stands at identical selling prices.

Photo from of the top of an Xbox and its controller

Top rated-angle pictures are taken instantly previously mentioned the products. This case in point shows the top rated view of an Xbox and its controller. Source:

Macro angle shot shows the fantastic particulars of solutions and needs unique gear to get appropriate. I’ll address it in-depth when I deal with lenses in the future “Part 6.” Retailers with constrained budgets really should probable not try macro shots.

A photo from showing the closeup details of a black sandal

Macro angle shot shows the wonderful particulars of products and necessitates special devices. This image is of an Adidas sandal. Resource: