New-age Paint Thickening & Rheological Additives : Solvitex & Solvizen

For Paint Manufacturers around the world, there has come a radical new improvement in the legion of Thickening Agents & Colloidal stabilizer for Aqueous Latex Paints. So far most of the organizations making aqueous Paint emulsions, the most preferred thickening agent was Hydroxy ethyl cellulose (HEC). The HEC based mostly thixotropic additives is made by some of the renowned multi-countrywide organizations this sort of as Hercules, Akzo Nobel & Dow.

Here we refer to a Biopolymer dependent on Polysacchride derived from controlled derivatisation process from plant origin. The item developed by Asian Trade Backlink Chemical substances Division in India has now been a effective enterprise for substitute of HECs for lots of paint firms. The Merchandise is identified as Solvitex thickening agent & colloidal stabilizer.

The solvitex range of merchandise is made available in broad selection of viscosities of aqueous alternatives. It comes in Powder form of Offwhite coloration and the thickening qualities are identical to HEC.

But the Benefits of Solviex against HECs are lots of. The key issue is the balance & financial pricing. Its been observed that for a Medium viscosity range of merchandise these as Natrosol 250 HBR or Bermcoll 381 the preliminary drop following settling is by 20% and then the completed paint adheres to be stable for 6 months.and the viscosity more drops. Solvitex has an preliminary fall of settling to 10% and the item is stable in physical observation for a lot more than 1yr exhibiting the identical viscosity.

As identified by quite a few Paint professionals, its unavoidable that the steadiness of thickening agent just after incorporating in the Paint technique, is delicate in the direction of broad temperature modifications. Especially relevant for Export shipments when the Paint less than goes via various temperature conditions all through its transit. A unexpected fall & increase in outside the house temperature can effect the steadiness. Solvitex has potentially demonstrated to be secure under those circumstances.

Amongst HEC, I individually obtain Cellosize of Dow as the most secure product in contrast to Bermocoll & Tylose.

Myself as Paint formulator & other colleagues doing work in distinct businesses experienced a problem existing for choice. For more cost-effective Paints the Much better item or Large Viscosity grades have been utilised these types of but there constantly was a flocculation just after some period on shelf storage. For the Expensive kinds we experienced to want Medium Viscosities grade to defeat shelf storage time. Most of the organizations have the similar observe.

When I came across Solvitex variety of Thickeners I was provided much aggressive selling prices. Priced at minimum 10% decrease than HEC dependent Goods, but my main issue was to look at the colloidal stabilization. The Solution was promptly analyzed and was observed to carry out superb.

Apart from that, Solvitex has furnished improved colour acceptance & and coatabilty.

Quicker we came across Solvizen created by the identical corporation for extra economic & more affordable Rate. The thickening & stability qualities was the exact but economically priced.

On the other hand, The H2o resolution clarity of Solvizen was not as apparent as of Solvitex or HECs. It was slight turbid. But when incorporated in Paints, we could not obtain any distinction. Once more the Paint was secure physically noticed.

As a Paint formulator from previous 2 a long time and centered on my experiences, I suggest to all those experts in the very same discipline to try out Solvitex & Solvizen array of Thickening brokers.

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