Meet the Artists of Otis Street Arts Project

When: Saturday October 22, 1-5-PM

The place: Otis Avenue Arts Job, 3706 Otis Road, Mount Rainier, MD 20712

What: Devote a informal afternoon with the artists of Otis Road Arts Project.

Meet up with the artists, look at their most current exhibition “ARTgineering v2.,” and be prepared for some pleasing discussions. Test out the new mural by Jeff Huntington. Plus, see an aluminum casting demonstration.

Otis Street Arts Project

On Check out Now: ARTgineering V2.

Gallery hours via December 3: 12-4 PM Saturdays, Tue-Fri by appointment

On check out now: Art + Engineering = Artgineering: “the action of doing the job artfully to provide one thing about”

ARTgineering v2. is a sequel to Otis Avenue Arts Project’s 2017 exhibition, “ARTgineering.” It reexamines engineering in artwork with a team demonstrate of eight artists, doing the job in both equally 2D and 3D media: interactive electronics, geometric paintings, and 3D-printed motion figures. These artistic explorations are occasionally viewed as, and can be stimulating to neuroplasticity—elasticity of the head. In this “Version 2.0” show, we dive deeply into the official engineering, structural engineering, and conceptual engineering of art.

Highlighted artists:

Jason Bulluck

Melissa Burley

​Emily Francisco

Billy Friebele

Jason Gubbiotti

Kelly Heaton

Michelle L. Herman

Frank McCauley​​​​