“Keep on Movin’” at Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples

In 1957, Chinese experts Lee, Yang, and Wu uncovered that house is symmetrical, establishing that it is probable at any stage in the cosmos to define north and south, proper and left. Although ancient navigators figured out how to orient them selves by wanting at the sky and reading the motion of the stars, the discovery that gained them the Nobel Prize represents an epoch-earning breakthrough: anything positioned in place can be attributed to a precise position and path, no subject what.

Though Lee, Yang and Wu’s discovery establishes as soon as and for all the univocity of room, it is unattainable to establish a in depth stage of view to go through the polyphonic complexity of background. Borges recounts that just about a few hundred many years afterwards, Pierre Menard makes an attempt to rewrite Cervantes’ Don Quixote term for word. Like the Spaniard Cervantes in advance of him, he wrote: “. . .Real truth, whose mom is heritage, emulates time, the repository of actions, the witness of the previous, illustration and information of the current, warning of the future.” We browse it now as Menard did in his time, but the this means is by no means the exact, and the position of watch continuously transforms. Even if the picture in between Cervantes’ Don Quixote, Menard’s, Borges’ tale and us continues to be specular, the house of history is barely symmetrical. North and south do not exist.

Currently, “history” is an not possible principle standing with the penalties of modernity and its progressive and teleological conception of record. Maybe we have to have to picture histories that coexist in area and time, reflecting the multitude of subjectivities that acquire the position of grand narratives.

“Keep on Moving: Tales from the Morra Greco Collection” is a snapshot of a historic minute concerning the close of the 1990s and the early 2000s. The artists’ performs on display pose incessant questions about contemporaneity by shedding light on the power constructions embedded in the narratives and ideologies that impact our expertise of fact and heritage. The performs on demonstrate interrogate by themselves as works of artwork and concern now antagonistically, now ironically, culture, establishments, language, substance lifestyle and the romance of human beings to mother nature by way of pictures, moving picture and painting or sculpture, installation, home furnishings, and architecture.

Curated by Giulia Pollicita.

at Fondazione Morra Greco, Naples
until November 30, 2022