By Chris Bray | 6 August 2021

Impressed by the two 7 days Covid-19 quarantine, Australian Geographic photographer Chris Bray has created a established of 14 resourceful, simple-to-adhere to, indoor images jobs to encourage you and force the boundaries of your photography, and far better nonetheless, they don’t require any fancy equipment, so you can dive correct in!


Chris has kindly provided us this to start with tutorial to share with you, and if you enjoy it, flex your photographic muscular tissues with the other 13 in his ebook ’14 Indoor Photography Projects’ on Apple Guides and Amazon.

Challenge one particular: Cleaning soap bubbles

Who knew cleaning soap bubbles experienced this kind of spectacularly psychedelic trance-events swirling throughout their area?!! With a very little set up and apply, you will shortly be snapping photographs that search very actually out of this planet.

What you will require
  • Dishwashing detergent mix 1 section to 6 elements water. 
  • Straw to inflate the bubble.
  • Sheet of paper as makeshift tender-box / diffuser.
  • Torch or remote flash.
  • A macro lens is perfect.

Set UP: Pour a minimal mixture in the mug, insert straw and follow inflating a solitary bubble that rises up the sides to type a bulging cap on best.


The colours exhibit up on elements which are reflecting a bright white surface, the greater (and nearer) the much better: A flash within a gentle-box or guiding a diffuser or even just a sheet of paper held 5cm over in between a stack of books piled on both aspect!

Place the mug to the entrance so you can shoot as perpendicular to the bubble as possible thus maximising the region that will surface sharp, inspite of probable having to use a compact f/#, supplying a shallow depth of field.


Mount a torch or flash to illuminate the paper from previously mentioned – I just hung my torch from my tripod and shot hand-held!

Camera Settings: If using a torch, Aperture (Av or A) manner dialled down to your smallest f/# to get started with. Established publicity payment to +/- (usual brightness) and change ISO so you’re having shutter speeds of at minimum 1/100th sec to stop movement blur (the styles go rapidly!) and digicam shake if hand-held.


Use AF-S (‘one-shot’) or handbook focus (not monitoring) and continue to keep re-focusing on the most effective pattern, as shut as doable. If the torch is vibrant ample (i.e. shutter speed >1/100th sec), enhance f/# for far more depth of discipline and use a safer 1/200th sec.


If applying a flash, Manual (M) mode, 1/200th sec, ISO 4-800, f/8-11, based on flash ability. If also darkish, strengthen ISO and/or fall f/#.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Can’t concentration? Consider handbook emphasis, or probably the camera is too shut. Blurry? Test shutter speed, maximize ISO if required. 

Excess Suggestion: Glycerin (or corn syrup) helps make bubbles previous more time. Use 10:1 detergent:glycerin.

Chris Bray is an award-profitable, Australian Geographic character photographer and world-wide Lumix ambassador who runs little-team picture excursions to the most incredible wildlife activities on Earth. Chris grew up sailing about the earth then led quite a few environment-initially arctic hauling and sailing expeditions and now life on Xmas Island the place he’s produced a new eco-lodge, Swell Lodge. Check out far more of his get the job done at, and really don’t forget you can get Chris’ ebook ’14 Indoor Photography Projects’ on Apple Textbooks and Amazon.