How To Sell Photos Online

Have you ever wondered how to sell photos online? Think that it is hard and requires an experience and skill level of a professional photographer? Think again.

Many people are earning money selling their photos and are shooting photos that are amateur and with digital cameras that the average person can afford. If you want to get into the business of selling your photos online you only need two basic things. These two things are very obvious and if you already take pictures you probably have both:

1. A digital camera

2. Internet access to upload your photos

That’s all you need to get started at selling your photos online. Of course, there’s more information that you need to know but photo wise and equipment wise that’s all you need.

You will be submitting your photos to stock photo websites. These websites are very popular and receive thousands of visitors a day. People come to these websites to get stock photos that they can use for artistic projects, advertisements, videos, company logos, etc. These sites are where you will be selling your photos to the people that need the photos. There are many stock photo websites that are very hungry for photographers to sign up for.

Two of the most popular stock photo websites are Shuttestock and Fotolia. These sites are very popular and receive many visitors a day. The way they work is you sign up for free and then can upload your photos.

The amount of money that you are paid can range from twenty five cents to a few dollars. This is not a lot of money at all but stay with me. There are photographers that are making thousands of dollars on these websites. How is that? They have many pictures available and these pictures are high quality and desired by many people.

When you take stock photos you can take pictures of nearly anything but not everything. You can’t take pictures of:

1. Trademarks, watermarks, or brands

2. Buildings that are copyrighted

3. Certain areas of national parks

4. People that don’t want to be photographed

When you visit the stock photo sites take a look at the categories available. There are many different things you can take photographs of. You can take photos of dogs, cats, rats, snakes, food, people, televisions, etc.

Hopefully you’ve learned some good intro knowledge for how to sell photos online. You have no excuses and should start trying to sell photos online. Some quality pictures that are desirable can be uploaded once and download repeatedly for years earning you money on work for one photo.