How To Paint Flames On Your Bike Or Chopper

Beginners information to portray hotrod flames.

Materials and Materials

3/4 inch masking tape

Fantastic line 1/8 tape

600 and 1500 grit waterproof sandpaper

x-acto knife

orange and pink paint for the flames


paint spray gun



multi pace polisher

buffing compound

Flames or any other graphics ought to be painted on leading of a very clear coated foundation. Alongside with offering the in general paint occupation additional depth, applying the artwork on top of the clear coat helps make it doable to get rid of artwork with a rag and some thinner if you make a slip-up.

Stage 1:

With your 600 grit paper, thoroughly wet sand the apparent coat on the area you happen to be about to paint.

Move 2:

With your fine line tape, lay out the shape of your flames, operating from remaining to right. Thrust and pull the wonderful line tape into position with equally hands working in unison. Fork out shut attention to the stability of the space to be painted, and the qualifications (that will be masked). If it appears challenging, do not sweat it…you will get the hold of it with a small practice.

Move 3:

Following you have bought the flames laid out with the good line tape, burnish it down great and restricted to prevent the paint from creeping beneath the edge through painting. This is especially significant on the overlapping finishes.

At the time the fineline tape burnished down good and cosy, mask off the unfavorable (qualifications) parts with your 3/4 masking tape, meticulously butting it in opposition to the edge of the fineline tape. Be watchful not to go away any gaps between the masking tape and the fineline.

Stage 4:

With the flames diligently laid out and masked, it is really now time to spray some color.

Mix up some orange or yellow paint, and load it in your touch up gun. Implement a few of thin even coats, just ample to include. Soon after the base shade for your flames have dried, load up your airbrush and include some pink highlights to the ideas and outer edges of the flames.

Step 5:

Right after the paint has dried, gently eliminate the masking tape by pulling it at a reduced angle away from the great line tape. Now get rid of the fineline tape utilizing the exact method. Just take treatment not to peel up the edges of the contemporary paint.

Phase 6:

Cleanse off any residue left by the masking tape with a clear gentle rag and some pre-cleaner solution.

Step 7:

Time now to bury your flames underneath some distinct. Apply as quite a few coats of very clear wanted so that the edges of the flames can’t be felt when you rub your hand over it (when it’s dry of class). If you can truly feel the edges of the flames by the distinct, you can expect to want to spray one more spherical or two.

Step 8:

When the obvious has dried, moist sand it flat with 600 grit. Quickly after you get started sanding you’ll see ripples starting to show up in the clear. You may know you are concluded when the ripples vanish and the floor is great and flat. After your concluded with the 600 grit, damp sand it after extra with 1500 or 2000 grit. At this issue the distinct will seem hazy from moist sanding. You should not be concerned, that will all alter soon after the upcoming and remaining action.

Stage 8:

The remaining stage is to buff the distinct coat to a mirror glow, making use of a multi pace polisher. Attach a foam buffing pad to the polisher, then load it up with some polishing compound. There are a lot of diverse makes of sharpening compounds on the industry, your area car entire body supply retailer will be in a position to recommend a excellent 1. Keep the buffer relocating again and forth allowing the excess weight of the buffer do the function. Do not keep in one particular spot to long or you will burn up by the distinct. Continue to keep buffing right up until you have bought a mirror-like end.