Here’s a listing of holes-in-just one and other accomplishments not long ago built by Central New York golfers.


Jim McNally, Sept. 9, from the Gold Tees at Sunset Ridge making use of a 3-hybrid. Witnessed by David Garvey and Sam Molinari.

Dr. Michael Fallon, Sept. 9, on the 102-yard No. 3 gap at Bellevue using a gap wedge. Witnessed by Mark Fuller, Aidan Fuller, and Reg Grandjean.

Dan Gardner, Sept. 7, on the 158-garden No. 2 hole at Tuscarora utilizing an 8 iron. Witnessed By: Rich Nojaim, Jim Pigula, Shane Harrod.

Steven Brindak, Sept. 5, on the 253- lawn No. 9 hole at Westvale Golfing Club employing a driver. Witnessed by Michael Brindak, George Brindak, and Gabrielle Brindak.

Jill Agan, Sept. 5, on the 130-yard No. 13 hole at Bellevue using a driver. Witnessed by Andrew Agan.

Mark Bednarski, Sept. 5 on the 163-lawn No. 8 hole at Tuscarora applying an 8 iron. Witnessed By: Nick Masterpole Jr., Dan Olivia, Jack Condon.

Chris Fletcher, Sept. 5 on the 158-yard No. 2 gap at Tuscarora using a 7 iron. Witnessed By: Chris Cook, Ron Micho, Joe Hanyak.

Artwork Zion, Sept. 1, on the 135-property No. 14 at WaNoa applying a 9 iron. Witnessed by Abundant Wright.

Ryan Pinzer, Sept. 1, on the 110-lawn No. 18 gap at Hickory Hill working with a wedge. Witnessed by Jim MacBain.

Ray Lichorobiec, Aug. 10, on the 170-yard No. 5 gap at McConnellsville applying a 3 hybrid. Witnessed by Art Nicolonini and Dale Griffis.

Jeff Buckman, on the 128-lawn No. 4 hole at Arrowhead West Study course using an 8 iron. Witnessed by Kevin Masters, Mike Hyde, and Vinnie Procopio.

Jessica Griffith, June 17, on the 90-property No. 6 hole at Arrowhead West Study course applying a 9 iron. Witnessed by Caleb Tedesco.

Scott Schroder, June 27, on the 130-garden No. 4 gap at Arrowhead West System using a 9 iron. Witnessed by Sally Attrill.

Grey Aylward, on the 119-lawn No. 8 hole at Arrowhead East Program making use of a 5-iron. Gray is 10 yrs old!!!!. Witnessed by his Father Ryan Aylward.

Shoot Your Age

Zeke Zakreski, age 78, shot a 74 at Foxfire on Sept. 7. Witnessed by Sandy Hicks, Ron Gasowski and Dick Schults.

Joe Henderson, age 77, shot his age at Radisson Greens on Sept.4.. Witnessed by Mike Shirk, Greg Yoder and Gary Tempo.

Mike Frontuto, age 74, shot his age at Drumlins East on Sept. 4. Witnessed by Jim O’Brien, John O’Brien, Kevin Kenney.

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Editor’s observe:

The Post-Conventional and will recognize a few unique golfing achievements through the period: holes-in-one, double eagles and shoot your age (18-gap scores that match or are under a golfer’s age).

Mail information by email only to Pat Spadafore:

Remember to include the title of golfer, date, gap number, yardage, training course identify, club used and names of witnesses. For authenticity, it is chosen that the reports occur from golf training course personnel.