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Looking for art in the Savannah area? Go no further. Here’s our list of exhibitions, galleries and museums. 

Artists for August: Gallery 209, 209 E. River St.; Hannah Burtnik and Olivia Beaumont.

Burtnik creates functional pottery and yard art using the process of wheel-throwing and hand-building. She is fascinated by the different techniques to sculpt, add textures and decoration to her pieces. Hannah is particularly drawn to simple white glazing to highlight the designs. All of her pieces are one of a kind.

Functional pottery and yard art by Hannah Burtnik.

Beaumont is best known for her oil paintings of richly dressed animal characters. Olivia’s paintings are full of historical art references. Her use of Renaissance themes, Golden age painting techniques, and costumes borrowed from history’s nobility transport viewers into an Old World. Her portraits have been described by curators as haunting and soulful. Her intent is to invite the viewer into an enchanted world, while striking human chords of wonder, beauty, and humor. 

Olivia Beaumont is best known for her oil paintings of richly dressed animal characters.

Gallery Listings

Submit your event at [email protected] Published online. Events printed in chronological order as space allows. Info at 912-652-0365, leave a message. Art shows practice COVID restrictions with face masks and social distancing.

“Gate & Garden”: 4-8 p.m. Aug. 21 opening; Location Gallery @ Austin Hill Realty, 251 Bull St.; gallery profits donated to Friends of the Coastal Gardens throughout the run of show. Through Sept. 17, then moves to Chat Gallery until Oct. 9.  Friends of the Coastal Gardens will also be having a container garden sale on our giant staircase that faces Liberty Street.

Artists include Jamie Azevedo, Laurie Darby, Antione deVilliers, Joy Dunigan, Tate Ellington, Calli Laundre, Bellamy Murphy, Dana Richardson, Katherine Sandoz, Sarah Volker, Lisa D. Watson and Heather Young. Each artist was asked to tour the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens and create work inspired by their surroundings when there. 

“Exploded Views”: through Sept. 18, Laney Contemporary, 1810 Mills B. Lane Blvd.; 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday; by appointment, 912-438-4442 or [email protected]

Photography and video. Los Angeles-based artist Kevin Cooley captures shape-shifting elements as line, curve, and shadow by conducting controlled explosions in the desert under the guidance of a master pyrotechnicist. Working with varied chemical compositions, he creates different shapes, forms, colors, and movements. In this sense, each image depicts time and light exploding in the form of colorful and abstract spirals, clouds, tendrils, and rays, much like the fireworks we see on display this time of the year. Inspired by wildfires, nebulae, jellyfish, the movement trails of distant stars, and smoke dynamics in the atmosphere, Cooley’s work explores the human fascination with natural formations and their shared visual properties.