Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort – The Splendor of the Past

The central geographical situation of the Al Fahidi Fort housing the Dubai Museum in the hub of the city reflects its role as a center of great importance in preserving exhibits that bear witness to the rich cultural heritage of an ancient past. The fort also attracts many visitors by the unique distinction of being the most ancient architectural structure of magnitude extent in Dubai today.

The Al Fahidi Fort was built in several stages. Although the construction of the fort itself was not commenced until 1799 its oldest tower dates back to 1787. Prior to the building of the fort, the tower was used as an isolated look out post. The fort provided protection to the city from attacks of marauding tribes in the region. It also functioned in the various capacities of the government headquarters, the ruler’s abode, an ammunition store and even a prison. In 1970 the fort was modified for yet another purpose; a museum showcasing the splendor of Dubai’s traditional ethos.

Containing many artifacts from Dubai and the African and Oriental nations that had commercial ties with Dubai, the museum presents a detailed portrait of the civilization that preceded the ascendancy of the oil era. This vision of the past is beautifully depicted on several life-sized dioramas. The exhibits are characterized by great variety ranging from military objects, sailing boats, jewelry to domestic items and even ancient skeletons. The assortment of scales, sieves and weights represent the former prosperity of the emirate’s pearl trade. The principal attraction is undoubtedly, a complete grave found in Al Qusais dating 3000 – 4000 years.   

A visit to the museum provides a wealth of comprehensive information and the extensive display is an excellent and faithful chronicler of history, making the Al Fahid Fort and the Dubai Museum essential destinations for a traveler to Dubai. A visitor looking for a Dubai hotel can find warm hospitality and excellent Dubai accommodation at the Traders Hotel, Dubai, conveniently located near the Deira business center.