Dracula – 1931 – The Dissimilarities Amongst Characters in the Novel and These in the Film

‘Dracula,’ 1 of the most renowned novels ever written, experienced been made as a motion picture in 1931. The movie in itself acquired a good deal of fame till Frankenstein eclipsed it. Having said that, there are significant variations between the characters in the movie with the primary novel.

The key character Count Dracula continues to be the very same. Bela Lugosi performs the job and does a excellent task.

Mina Murray of the novel develop into Mina Seward. And weak Dr. John Seward, the failed suitor of Lucy in the initial novel, now gets the father of Mina. And hey presto, Lucy nevertheless stays a good friend of Mina.

Jonathan Harker, Mina’s fiance in the novel, stays the very same in the movie.

Renefield of the motion picture is appreciably different from Renefield of the novel. In the novel, Renefiled is just yet another affected person in Dr. Seward’s asylum. He eats and kills creepy creatures. And he beings Dracula inside the asylum of Dr. Seward accepting Dracula’s baits. Even so, in the film, he is virtually a servant to Dracula. He does some of Dracula’s lease papers, sends them to Transylvania, will get bitten by Draula and that provides him the electric power to chunk and consume the blood of other men and women. And he eventually receives to bite a real female right before receiving thrashed to demise by Dracula for major Jonathan and Van Helsing to wherever he was residing (hiding).

Van Helsing is comparable in the novel and the motion picture. He is however the wonderful caring man or woman.

And then there is Martin, the man or woman in charge of caring for Renefield. He delivers an angle of comedy in the film and appears in some of the additional exciting scenes.