Blackberry 8110 Pearl Pink vs Nokia N90 N Series Mobile Phone

If you are in search of a business phone then the first name that would strike your mind is Blackberry. The company has a tendency to produce the best business phones. In January 2008, Blackberry has launched its latest business phone that is Blackberry 8110. This is the 2G enabled phone with powerful looks and features. If you compare this phone with one of its competitors Nokia N90, you will surely love to go for Blackberry.

The basic difference between both the phones is the dimensions of the phones. Nokia N90 is a bulky flapper phone with dimensions 112 x 51 x 24mm with the total weight of 173 grams. On the other hand, Blackberry 8110 is a candy bar phone with dimensions of 107 x50 x 14mm with the total weight of just 91 grams. With these dimension, this phone becomes best business phone as it can be easily fitted in your pocket.

Blackberry 8110 also has a powerful 2 mega pixel camera that gives crystal clear images of 1600 x1200 pixels. To add more clarity to the pictures, the company has also added flash with the camera. So, now you do not need to keep a separate digital camera at your home. You can get all those features with the phone itself. Moreover, you can capture good quality videos as well.

In order to store all these pictures and other important office documents in your phone, the company has given 64 MB of internal memory to Blackberry 8110. This memory is expandable up to 2 GB with the help of microSD memory card. But, Nokia N90 has just 31 MB of shared memory.

Blackberry 8110 also has a revolutionary built-in GPS (Global Positioning System). With this feature you get opportunity to get ways of your desired destination. This GPS is linked directly with the satellite. But, you have to ignore this feature if you go for Nokia N90. So, with all these comparisons it can be said that Blackberry 8110 has an edge over Nokia N90 in terms of business utility phones.