Best of Glasgow

The city has some interesting architectural structures and buildings with indigenous design and style. The beautiful River Clyde adds to the beauty of the city. The calmness of the soothing waters lend a convenient escape from the pulsating (considerably fun) city life.

Glasgow is known as the music capital of Scotland and rightly so. The city is home to some extravagant music venues. Opera houses and concert halls adorn the cityscape. Several pubs and jazz music venues are very famous amongst the locals and tourists alike. And the locals are wonderful. Warm and friendly, the locals add to the charm of the city with their energy and cheerfulness. This is perhaps the reason Glasgow’s slogan is “People make Glasgow.”

This green city is full of culture and local delicacies too. The food here is delicious and finds a place in your memories as a moment of incomparable joy. Travelers that stumble upon Glasgow end up falling head over heels for this place. Make Air Mauritius reservations and head to this Scottish city, you will not be disappointed. To substantiate our claim of Glasgow being a worthy city, we have prepared a list of the best things to see and do in the city. Read on to find out the best of Glasgow:

The Riverside Museum

The Riverside Museum is a museum whose architecture is as distinguished as its exhibitions. Located at a walking distance from the subway station, the museum can be reached easily. Its strange modern structure astounds you as the museum comes into sight. The design reminds visitors of mountain peaks. The Riverside Museum is a great place to learn about the history of the city and the country. Also, the museum is actually at the riverside, so that’s another plus. Book tickets on Air Mauritius flights and travel to Glasgow with comfort and ease.

Glasgow Cathedral

As you enter the historic building from a side gate, you suddenly find yourself in a huge ancient hall. The roof seems to stretch on forever, far out of your reach. The impressive balconies add to the beauty of the building. Glasgow Cathedral is thought to have been built in the 12th century. This ancient building inspires a sense of aww in its visitors. Book Air Canada flights tickets and witness a structure older than most of the modern history.

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

A theatre where machines emote, Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is as unique as it gets. Old scrap metal is used to create sculptures and props which are then used to create some memorable plays. The performances are gripping and the stories meaningful & sometimes funny. The vibe of this theatre is one of a kind due to its rare concept. Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre is sure to take permanent residence in your memory bank. Get cheap flight tickets to Glasgow and watch a thrilling tale enacted by sculptures.