A Look At The Photo Grid Application For The Samsung Galaxy S3

Nearly every mobile handset currently available features a digital still camera and most users will have used this feature at least once. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 looks set to boast one of the very best camera features and will be capable or recording images at a resolution of 12 million pixels. Application developers are fully aware of just how popular the integrated cameras are and there are dozens of apps available to help users make the most of their images. We take a look at the new Photo Grid software which has been launched to coincide with the release of the new Galaxy S3 smartphone.

Although most of us have used our phone to capture a photograph at some point in time very few of us have done any more with the image other than upload it to a social networking site or transfer it to a PC. Many users are unaware of the sheer number of excellent photo applications that are available and Photo Grid for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest to add to this growing list. This new piece of software is available from the Google Play store and it differs from numerous other titles as it provides the user with no serious photo editing tools. Instead of this Photo Grid gives consumers the ability to arrange a series of images together in a variety of different ways. The end result is an attractive collection of your favourite shots. These multiple images only occupy the same space as a single high resolution image so users do not have to worry about occupying large chunks of their storage capacity.

Photo Grid for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the perfect tool for submitting images to social networking sites and also photo sharing sites such as Instagram. The software even includes a clever conversion tool to convert images to the correct size for Instagram. The application allows up to 9 individual images to be contained within one grid. How these photos are arranged is entirely down to the user. The basic layout presents the images in three rows of three but this can be changed to a number of different options. Once images have been placed on the grid they can easily be rotated and resized so it is simple to make certain photos stand out more than others. Once the images are all in place users can choose to change the background although we found many of the preset options did not look as good as a simple white background.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to include a great quality camera and applications such as Photo Grid are perfect for enhancing the overall appeal of your images. The software is easy to use and offers numerous options for presenting images in an eye catching manner.