6 Tricks to Get the Best Style for Your Home
6 Tricks to Get the Best Style for Your Home

In today’s era, there are various interior design houses that you can choose. If you like simple things, you are suitable for a minimalist style. Well, besides that, there are also industrial designs that are currently popular. Industrial design is synonymous with industrial factory interiors in the 19th century. Yet, over time, industrial design is no longer applied to today’s factories. But applied to residential areas.

The industrial design – style house has an old impression, but feels warm and unique. This is because of the interior model that looks like it has not completed. Which is what makes it attractive.

The main key in creating an industrial atmosphere is simplicity. You don’t need too many things or furniture. In fact, it is more advisable to use old furniture so that the industrial impression is thicker!

There you go, some things you need to do for industrial design. Check this out!


Provide an open space without a partition in the dwelling with an industrial interior design. Usually the ceiling of the house given more layer, but in industrial houses it is usually not. This trick can actually show a distinctive industrial design atmosphere and show clear water pipes.

Selection of Appropriate Furniture

This type of industrial-themed furniture usually has a simple model and doesn’t have too many details. Furniture material for industrial design is typical with elements of iron and dark wood. The colors of this furniture are usually also not flashy, such as monochrome and neutral colors. You can get many choices in the rattan furniture manufactures.

Iron and Wood Element

These two elements are usually often found in industrial design interiors. Often iron and wood elements placed on the ceiling and windows. Besides, iron and wood are also often found in furniture. You can use old or unfinished wood, which can be an added value for your house. Rattan furniture is the best product you can used too.

Wooden Floor or Polished Concrete

For the floor, in industrial design there are usually two choices of suitable materials to combine, wood floors and polished concrete. Wooden floors give a natural effect to the room, while polished concrete can give the impression that the room looks wider with a very industrial atmosphere. But, if you use wood for the floor, don’t forget to polish it first so when you walk your feet don’t hurt.

Build a Minimalist Product

You only need to buy a small table as well as a bar stool. In fact, if needed, you can make the table from used wood that you have at home. Voila, your balcony can also be a comfortable hangout.

Monochrome Color

The use of one color and neutral is often an option for industrial design enthusiasts. Monochrome color is a suitable color to decorate a room with an industrial style. You can choose neutral colors such as white or black that are suitable to combine.

Well, those are the five interesting things to create a house with industrial interior design. For a more modern and varied impression, you can combine this style with a minimalist, vintage, or contemporary touch.

Happy trying!