I am found in La Ceja, a municipality 40 km from Medellín, Colombia’s 2nd town in South The united states. For my return to the chemical process of black and white movie pictures, I dusted off my previous Nikon N90 camera, which I made use of commercially in combination with the Nikon F4 in the previous ten years of the 20th century, and, shock, it doesn’t seem to be to have any troubles soon after it is almost 20-yr hiatus.

I equipped him the manual Nikkor 80-200 f / 4. lens, outstanding and sharp lens, these are the success with Kodak T-MAX 100 film, movie that I experienced stored in my fridge, obtained about 2 many years ago. I also experienced to discover my developer tanks, spirals, timer, obtain the advancement tables, obtain the chemicals, put together them, package them and bring them to doing the job temperature to enterprise as soon as more into the advancement procedure.